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My BURT Line

My mother was born Rose Margaret BURT in Fulham, London, England, in 1912. She was the youngest of 7 children (3 died as infants) and I grew up in Fulham meeting only BURT relatives - yet I still know little as yet about my BURT forebears.

As with my other grandfather (Harry GANDER) the birth certificate for my mother's father, John BURT (and possibly he was John Albert BURT), has eluded me to date. He seems to have had a sense of humour - according to the 1901 Census return from 4 Campbell Street, Fulham, he declared that he'd been born in Australia!

My maternal BURT grandparents:
	 John (John Albert?) BURT (1871/74-1932) & Mary Ann (nee TYSON) (1879/80-1965). [Date of photo not known] Fortunately this only had me scrambling unsuccessfully for antipodean records for a short while as I was able to track him down in the 1891 Census soon after, aged 16, where no doubt his parents declared John to have been born in Westbourne Park, London. Guess which one I think to be nearer the truth? BUT - I still can't trace a birth registration nor can I find this BURT family in the 1881 Census.

I know that John BURT was a carpenter & joiner by trade and his brother, Victor BURT was a carpenter.

Their father, my great-grandfather, Albert BURT, was also a carpenter.

[photo above: My maternal BURT grandparents: John (John Albert?) BURT (1871/74-1932) & Mary Ann (nee TYSON) (1879/80-1965) Date of photo not known]

Albert died in July 1906 supposedly aged 67, ie born c.1838/9 - which conflicts with the reported age for Albert BURT in the 1901 Census - at 11, Campbell Street, Fulham - when he was 'Age 65', ie born c.1835/6. He was at least listed as 'born Wiltshire'. However, when you don't know which parish, Wiltshire is a big place! More recently Albert turned up for me aged 45 in the 1891 Census declaring himself to have been born in Hungerford, Wiltshire. This is quite a difference in years from his declared age in 1901 and I'm left with finding a birth or baptism somewhere between 1835 and 1845. Hungerford was in those days split between Wiltshire and Berkshire but nowadays is all in Berkshire and the parish registers are held in the Berkshire Record Office. I can't trace a likely Birth Certificate for Albert as yet and can only hope on finding something in the parish register one day.

I've also looked for a birth certificate for Albert BURT's other son, Victor, but of course, no joy. According to the 1891 and 1901 Census, Victor was born in Islington, London. I know he married twice and had family and died young in 1928.

The George Public House, Hammersmith BroadwayIncidentally, John BURT's only surviving son (another John BURT) was also a carpenter & joiner by trade.



[photo - right: The George Public House, Hammersmith Broadway 1910]



If you can shed any light on the above, please contact me (see below).