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"The History and Genealogy of the GANDER Families"

by Charles H. Gander

(NB: Please note there are now NO copies of this book left for sale from the author - this page is for your information only. The Book may from time to time be available from secondhand book sellers.)

This ..... contains the most comprehensive presentation of names, dates, old letters and photographs, and interesting, and often amusing stories on thousands of related and unrelated Ganders, Genders, and nee Ganders that has ever been published, and represents an estimated 40,000 hours of research and writing. After 25 years of work, the hundreds of thousands of bits on information collected on the Ganders from the year 1287 A.D. to the present and from the European Alpine areas and England to the United States and Canada have been safely preserved in one book.

Enclosed is a brief description of its contents, providing some insight into its massive scope and great detail.

THE HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF THE GANDER FAMILIES is 6 x 9 inches in size and contains 1,050 single-spaced pages; it is beautifully hard bound, with its spine and front stamped in gold, and printed on acid-free paper for durability. There are an exceptionally large number of photographs (a total of 210 - which you may find invaluable after you see your distant ancestor), as well as 13 maps and 19 other figures.

Many of the recorded biographies are interwoven with history, especially concerning their GANDER / GONDER experiences on both sides of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and their lives as monetarily poor but spiritually wealthy pioneers on the frontiers of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Washington, and southern Ontario, Canada. A few recently reworked biographies, reflecting newly discovered information, and a 'Year 2003 Update'  have been added to this second (and final) edition.

Although this GANDER history and genealogy book was honored with the fIrst-place prize in 1988 in the Anna Ford national family book contest sponsored by the Heart of America Genealogical Society, I really was more pleased to receive all the letters of appreciation from around the world from GANDER descendants themselves. One wrote that she received many fine gifts on her 100th birthday, but "the book was the best present." A male descendant stated that "the book is one of my most treasured possessions."


Charles H. Gander
Arlington VA