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Apprentices Records - as known - Various

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Apprenticeship Roll - 1710-62:

1719 - Leonard Gander, son of Benjamin GANDER Citizen & Tinplateworker (deceased) - apprenticed to Edward BASSE, Tinplate Workers' Company, £10 - Reference: 7/58 .

1741 - John GANDER, son of John GANDER, apprenticed to George DYKE of Bridgwater, Somerset, Barber and C(itizen?), £10. Reference: 50/851.

1748 - Warding GANDER son of Benjamin GANDER - apprenticed to Thomas CORNISH of Woolwich, Caulker - £12-10s. Reference: 18/168.

1761 - John GANDER apprenticed to Thomas BEFFORD (or BEDFORD?) of New Sarum, Wiltshire, Taylor - £13. Reference: 22/212.

1761 - Thomas GANDER apprenticed to Thomas BRIMBLE of Bridgewater, Joiner - £10 . Reference: 54/176.

Basketmakers' Company:

30 Jun 1656 - James GANDER son of James GANDER of Sunbury, Middlesex, Tailor, apprenticed to Anthony WATTS.

4 May 1692 - John GANDER son of Samuel GANDER, Citizen and Basketmaker, to Thomas HAYES.

Carpenters' Company

24 Mar 1658 -Peter GANDER son of Francis GANDER of Stanwell in the County of Middlesex Tayler hath put himselfe apprentice to Joseph GRAVES of Egglinsgate for eight yeares from the xxvth day of this instant March dated the said xxiiijth day of March 1658.

Coopers' Company

1789 - William GANDER apprenticed to Edward EADES, Master Cooper & Citizen of London. (IR1/34/70.

Goldsmiths' Company:

2 Feb 1608 - Robert GANDER son of Thomas GANDER, Yeoman of Stanwell, Mdx to George CARY for 10 years. (Robert admitted to the Freedom - made a member of the Goldsmiths - in 1615).

04 Sep 1671 - George GANDER son of Thomas GANDER, Collar Maker of Knights Bridge(sic), Mdx, to Stephen LANGCASTELL for 7 years.

Plumbers' Company

29 Jun 1700 - Samuel GANDER son of Samuel GANDER, Christ Church, Surrey, basketmaker to Richard COCK.

Tylers' & Bricklayers' Company:

25 Jul 1622 - Thomas GANDER son of Richard GANDER, citizen & merchant tailor (deceased), to Robert WINSHIPP.

Turners' Company

25 Nov 1629 - George GANDER son of Nicholas GANDER East Grinstead, Sussex, tailor, to David MYMMES, Turners' Company