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Census Coverage

- a summary of my GANDER & GANDAR holdings - for England & Wales

Most of the Census Returns I have put on these pages are those for England & Wales. I do have a few for the USA which I may put online at a later date.

Many that I have put are incomplete as regards Reference numbers and sometimes of relationships and / or other individuals (usually other than those named GANDER or GANDAR). I've been grateful for the information sent me by other GANDER researchers over the years who've sent me so much (more always welcomed!) but I should say here what I hope is the obvious - don't rely solely on this census information alone. If it helps anyone locate 'their' line, I'm glad but please only use it as a tool; trace the return and view it yourself to check that the facts are correct. The information as I have it has probably been transcribed a few times and mistakes happen, however careful I've been.

What have I got on my pages?

Areasonably complete collection of returns for 1841 (Sussex only) and for counties other than Sussex.

For 1851, more than for 1841 and I've put them up as Sussex, Dorset, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and 'odd' counties.

I've been able to update my copies of the 1861 Census and it would be best to select from the above list.

A little better for 1871. Again divided between Sussex, Dorset, Surrey, Kent, Middlesex and all other counties.

As the Census Returns for 1881 are freely available on the Mormons Family Search external link. site for England & Wales and Scotland, I'm not listing them here. However, as the 1881 returns are far more complate than those I have for other years, I have put up a GANDER & GANDAR name Distribution Map.

The 1891 returns are I think fairly comprehensive - I've listed the Sussex ones together and all other counties separately..

The 1901 Census Returns for England & Wales are of course on-line from The National Archives external link.(opens in a new window) but at a cost if you want the full details. The search for individuals is free but fortunately I now have the returns sorted into family groups and so I have put this on the site. But go to my 1901 Census Notes & Index page first.

I feel confident that I've now got a near comprehensive listing of GANDERs & GANDARs for England & Wales in the 1911 Census. This information is also available, again at a cost, from the FindMyPast external link. website.