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Vicar-General's Marriage Allegations and Faculty Office Marriage Licences


Vicar-General's Marriage Allegations:

16 Apr 1717: Thomas TOWNER of parish of St.Paul, Shadwell, Mdx, Shipwright, aged above 26 years, bachelor .... intends to marry with Mary GANDER of the same parish, aged above 23 years and a spinster. ...... Licence ............... for St.Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, St.Olave, Southwark, or St.Mary, Newington Butts, Sry.

11 Aug 1718: Benjamin GANDAR (or GANDER?) ... of parish of St.Paul, Shadwell, Mdx, Shipwright, aged 25 years .... bachelor ... to marry with Miss Mary HARDING of Woolwich, Kent, aged about 21 years and a spinster. ..... Licence to be married .... St.Paul, Shadwell, St.Mary, Whitechappell or St.Dunstan, Stepney, Mdx.

29 Dec 1718: John SCOTT ..... of St.Paul, Shadwell, Mdx aged above 21 years, bachelor ..... to marry with Elizabeth GANDAR of same parish, aged 21 and upwards, a spinster. ..... Licence ..... St.Botolph, Aldgate, London.

12 Jul 1728: Francis THORNTON .... of St.Clement Danes, Mdx, aged 30 years and a bachelor ..... to marry with Elizabeth GANDER of same parish, widow. .....Licence to be married St.Clement Danes, Mdx.

22 Jul 1729: Francis Lewis GANDER of St.George, Hanover Square, Mdx, Gentleman, aged 35 years and a bachelor .... to marry with Susannah JONES of St.James, West[?minster], Mdx, aged 24 years, spinster. .....Licence ..... Cathedral Church of St.Paul, London.

5 Dec 1730: Bernard SCOTT of Southall, Mdx. Aged 24 years, bachelor. ..... to marry Alice GANDER of same parish, aged 22 years and a spinster. ..... Licence to be married ..... St.Giles, Cripplegate, London.

27 May 1736: "GANDER to BARNES" is indexed but I was unable to find the actual Vicar-General Allegation! (Des G.)

13 May 1748: Benjamin GANDAR of St.Paul, Shadwell, Mdx, bachelor, aged 25 years .... to marry with Theophilee WALKLEY, of same parish, spinster, aged 21 years and upwards. .... Licence ..... St.Benedict near Paul's Wharf, London, St.Catherine near the Tower of London, or Trinity Minories, London.

10 Dec 1761: Ann HUGHES of St.Paul, Shadwell, County of Mdx, widow .... with Thomas GANDAR of the parish of St.Michael Woodstock, London, aged upwards of 21 years, a bachelor. ..... Licence ....... St.Michael, Woodstock, London. [The Allegation was signed by Ann HUGHES].

11 Apr 1781: Robert MORE of Ealing, Mdx, widower, to marry Mary GANDER of same parish aged 30 years and upwards, spinster. To marry in parish church of Ealing. [Signed Robert MORE].

18 Jul 1794: Anthony GANDER of parish of St.James, Westminster, Mdx, bachelor aged 21 years upwards intendeth to marry Louise TALLICHET of St.Botolph, Aldersgate, London, spinster, aged 21 years upwards. Licence to marry at St.James, Westminster. [Signed Anthony GANDER].

20 Mar 1800: Peter GANDER of Christ Church, Sry, widower, with Ann CHALLEN of Petworth, Ssx, 21 years and upwards, a spinster. Licence to marry at parish church of Petworth aforesaid. [Signed Peter GANDER].

12 Apr 1809: Richard Parker MORRIS of Ramsgate, Kent, a bachelor, aged 21 and upwards, with Mary GANDER of St.Andrews Undershaft, London, a spinster, also aged 21 and upwards. Licence for St.Andrew Undershaft aforesaid. [Signed Ricd. Parker MORRIS].

28 Sep 1810: Jonas ATKINSON of St.Dunstan-in-the-East in the City of London, a Widower, .... with Jane GANDER of St.Mary, Islington, Mdx, a Widow .... To marry at St.Mary, Islington, Mdx. [Signed James ATKINSON].

6 Aug 1850: Henry GANDER of the parish of St.George, Southwark in the County of Surrey, a widower, prayed for a licence in the District Church of Holy Trinity, St.Mary Newington in same county between him and Elizabeth STICKLAND of district of Holy Trinity aforesaid, a widow. [Signed Henry GANDER]. The Licence was granted for 'Trinity aforesaid'.

Faculty Office Marriage Licences

14 Mar 1740/1: Benjamin GANDAR to Mary HOOK - unfortunately I know no other details at this time.

1776-1800: No GANDER or GANDARs

26 Apr 1823: Benjamin GANDER of parish of Christchurch, Sry, bachelor, aged 21 years and upwards ...... Martha SEALEY of St.Helen, Bishopsgate, London, spinster, aged 21 years and upwards.