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Masters of Apprentices' Records - GANDER & GANDAR - as known - Various

Southampton Apprenticeship Registers

The following were all apprenticed to Thomas GANDER, tailor.

16 Sep 1606 Indenture - Walter ROLPHE, son of Edmund ROLPHE, of Bisley, Gloucester, Yeoman, for 8yrs from 19 Sep 1606. Apprentice to have at end 2 shillings and double apparel. Enrolled 12 Mar 1613/4.

24 Dec 1611 Indenture - Samuel GAYNEPAINE (GAINPAINE), son of Edward GAYNEPAINE of Guernsey, Shoemaker, for 8yrs. Apprentice to have every year 1d and at end double apparel and 10 shillings. Enrolled 12 Mar 1613/4.

3 Dec 1613/4 Indenture - William GLADYS (GLADIS), son of Thomas GLADYS of Chale, Isle of Wight, Yeoman, for 9yrs. Apprentice to have at end 6s 8d and double apparel. Enrolled 12 Mar 1613/4.

Masters of Apprentices Index(1710-62):

Leonard GANDER (also GANDAR) described variously as 'London Citizen and Tinplateworker' - took apprentices as follows:

1 Jan 1728/9 - Edmund TOWNSEND son of Edmund TOWNSEND, Middlesex, Gentleman.

28 Mar 1732/3 - John HUNT, son of Robert HUNT of High Wickham, Buckinghamshire, Laceman, £15. Reference: 13/162.

16 Dec 1734 - Nathaniel BRITTON, son of Benjamin BRITTON of Whitchurch, Hampshire, Gentleman. Apprenticeship turned over to Cambulanus MAY 13 Dec 1737.

3 Dec 1736 - George MILLARSHIP, son of George MILLARSHIP, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Labourer.#

28 Mar 1744 - George MILLACHIP, son of George MILLACHIP, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Labourer.#

[# Note the similarity of the above 2 entries - surely the same(?) yet the dates are different. Needs checking.]

17 Sep 1739 - Charles FLAWN, son of Gideon FLAWN, Bishopsgate Street, London, Throster (deceased).

1 Jan 1745/6 - William SPONG, son of William SPONG of Shoreditch, Middlesex, Shoemaker, £15. Reference 17/181.

4 Apr 1746 - Robert WARNER, son of Jesse WARNER of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, Gentleman, £25. Apprenticeship turned over to Henry KEMP 10 Apr 1751. Reference: 17/195.

1 Nov 1750 - Russell MARTIN, son of John, Citizen and Carpenter. Apprenticeship turned over by Ann, widow of Leonard GANDER, to Daniel FOSSICK 3 Feb 1755.

19 Aug 1755 - Enoch STEVENSON, son of Enoch STEVENSON, Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, Gentleman, £25. Apprenticeship turned over by Thomas GANDER, exec. of master to James MOORE 19 Sep 1761. Reference: 20/126.

Also: the following record was passed on to me recently as being 'in the Guildhall Library' (London):

July 6th 1774 John son of John POWNCEBY of Shadwell Street in the parish of Saint Paul Shadwell in the county of Middlesex Dyer apprentice to Benjamin GANDAR of the same place and also citizen and cordwainer of London for 7years to learn the trade of a shoemaker in consideration of £3 charity money paid by Wm John WOODHAM one of the trustees of the said charity dated as above.

Tinplateworkers' Company Records:

2 Feb 1686/7 - Thomas DAVIS, son of Richard DAVIS of Shadwell, Middlesex, Mariner, apprenticed to Benjamin GANDER, Tinplateworker.

Plaisterers' Company Records:

27 May 1703 - Edward BOWERY son of Joseph, Southwark, Surrey, Labourer, apprenticed to Henry GANDER (on 10 Sep 1705 the Master died and apprenticeship turned over to John CORDEY).

Masters of Apprentices Index(1710-62):

Benjamin GANDER mentioned as a Woolwich Shipwright in 1756 who took on Sam PULLEN as an Apprentice. £10-10s. Reference: 20/173.

Basketmakers' Company Records:

Samuel GANDER, Master Basketmaker, had the following Apprentices:

30 Jan 1682/3 - George SOANES, son of Francis SOANES of Goring, Oxfordshire, Cordwainer (deceased).

26 Jan 1684/5 - William HODSDON, son of John HODSDON, St.Albans, Hertfordshire, Miller (deceased).

16 Dec 1692 - William HALL, son of Giles HALL, Citizen & Skinner.

12 Aug 1700 - Daniel STEVENS, son of Joseph STEVENS of Kingston, Surrey, Waterman.

Goldsmiths' Company Records:

Robert GANDER, Master Goldsmith, took on the following Apprentices:

13 Oct 1615 - John STAUGHTON of Stoke, son of Benjamin STAUGHTON for 8 years.

20 Jun 1617 - John ATTAWELL of Gretton, Nth, son of John ATTAWELL, Carpenter, for 9 years.

Other Records:

William GANDER, Master Tailor of Henfield, Ssx took on the following Apprentice in 1782: Edward Erasmus LEWIS.

James GANDER, Master Tailor of Henfield, Ssx took on the following Apprentice in 1788: James LUCAS. (Ref: IR1/64/183 at TNA).

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